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October 8 // Harvest 50th Anniversary/NEIL YOUNG Tribute // Velour // Provo, UT
featuring Joshua James, Mindy Gledhill, Stephanie Mabey, Ryan Innes, Jenn Blosil, Marie Bradshaw (The Hollering Pines), Porter Smith (Lantern By Sea), Dominic Moore, Mia Grace, Julianne Brough, Cory Mon, Talin Everett, Joey St. John (Cardinal Bloom), Michael Gross (Whisperhawk, The Statuettes, The Brobecks), and a house band featuring Dylan Schorer (The Hollering Pines, The Lower Lights), Daniel Young, Pat Boyer (Desert Noises, Microwave Mountain), Marie Bradshaw, Brian Hardy (Vein Melter, Atherton), TJ Nokleby (S2Cool, Parlor Hawk).

October 21-22 // Buzzards & Bees Festival // solo show // Provo, UT

November 5 // opening for Glen Phillips // The State Room // SLC, UT